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Bidding commercial #groundmaintenance jobs always have competition involved and it would be great to have an opportunity to know who you are up against when it comes down to #landscaping projects. Although, the client will not divulge which companies are on the short list, you will want to make sure you still stick to estimating to cover all costs and also be sure to provide your estimates broken down into sections, so that the client client discuss with you what they would like to keep vs, what they would not want to keep. We have the utmost intention of being able to negotiate the estimate based on the client's expectations. Especially, that the bids that have been submitted initially have note included a walk through with the client.

As an example, the most recent bid submitted involved multiple, entrants (I at least know this from the client). Although stated, we learned that we were in the ball park for the job, however, we were outbid by one #landscape contractor with a lower price. Although the #contractor was not shared with me, in passing I did notice @USLAWNS managing the property.

As a local family owned small business we take pride in our landscaping relationships and meet the clients needs more times than not. We welcome the opportunity to compete and ask the you book us for #landscapebid opportunities that may arise at the link provided:

We welcome the opportunity to win your business!

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