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Residential Services

Improving and maintaining residential lawns is our pleasure.  We make sure that you come away pleased when the plant bed needs to be upgraded from the existing state by removing weeds, refreshing your mulch bed, and making sure that shrubs, bushes, and trees are trimmed.

We don't stop there, Majestic Grounds will take on the work that you do not have time to complete or even do not feel like completing when it is time to mow the lawn and to make your lawn greener.  If requested, we will advise on a plan based on our expertise to provide the best solutions to meet your goals for your entire landscaping needs.

Call us for a free estimate and please consider our service plan for monthly lawn maintenance; our base price for the plan is listed in our "plans & pricing" page and individual prices may very depending on the size of the lawn.

Call Us: 301-388-8306

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