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Sod Installation - Fall

The weather is getting cooler and although SOD is durable and convenient to implement. You want to give the best results for this great solution to take hold and add beauty to your property.

For most projects, SOD is a great way to see the visual results you are looking for, instead of using seed (if you need to see the greenery sooner than later).

For those handling their own SOD project, make sure you are ready to lay the material and not let it sit to long to where the material can dry out. You wan to make sure you have tilled your property of all weed and old grass vegetation in order to SOD a great starting point.

* Do not lay sod over other grasses stumps, vines, or stones. Doing this is almost ensuring disaster for your project

* Make sure to lay a level of soil down before laying the sod, and of course water often and consistently in the beginning of your installation.

Just like laying hardwood floor, you wan to stager your strips of SOD. If you are not looking to do this project or any other last minute fall landscaping project, you can also reach out to Majestic Grounds. Good Luck, and enjoy the cooler weather!

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